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Five Years
Five Years

Sometime last month I passed the five year mark. Five years of being gluten free. So much has happened it’s hard to think about it or express it in any rational way. But the five-year mark is sort of a rite of passage and it’s good to recognize this point in the journey somehow ... so here’s sort of a snapshot of me at this point, sort of a brief, crazed reflection of the journey so far.

Continuing to become the best I can be, the healthiest I can be

Going dairy free: a harder struggle than going gluten-free

Going soy free: necessary, led to more healing

Wondering if I have to be egg free too, knowing I can and will face it if I must

Culinary adventures I couldn’t and wouldn’t otherwise have dreamed of

All the awesome, yummy food, yet success at making a great gluten free biscuit evades me

Being at odds with family and friends who largely don’t understand, believe, or care

Being grateful for family and friends who go out of their way to take up the challenge of making something gluten and dairy free anyway, and feeling honored by their effort

A ton of healing: emotional, physical, cognitive, and being grateful for all of it

Support, both giving and receiving, and being glad for both

Wanting to celebrate five years but I’ve been celebrating every day of the five years and I really don’t need the calories

Recognizing this has been the best five years of my life, with promise that life will continue to become better from here


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