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Beet Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette
Beets are at our Farmers Market! This is my favorite recipe. I roast the beets Sunday morning while it's still cool enough to have the oven on, then let the beets marinate in the refrigerator all day. Leftovers are excellent the next day in lunch.

Beet Salad with Cumin

1 to 2 pounds beets

2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
2 tablespoons raspberry vinegar
1 teaspoon ume plum vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 garlic clove
salt and pepper to taste

Cut the green tops off of the beets just above the beet without cutting into the beet itself. Place beets in a roasting pan and cover with aluminum foil. Roast at 375 until soft, about 45 minutes. Remove beets from oven and allow to cool. When cool, peel and slice into a bowl.

Combine vinegars, olive oil, cumin, garlic clove and salt and pepper to taste into a blender cup, blend until smooth. Pour over beets and stir gently to combine. Cover and refrigerate at least a couple of hours.

Makes two generous servings for beet lovers with a little left over, or 4 to 5 servings for people who only eat them occasionally.

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This looks delicious. I have never heard of ume plum vinegar where did you find it?

It's made by Eden Foods and I can find it at Whole Foods or in the organic/special diet section at our Big Grocery (Woodman's). It's not cheap, but a teaspoon or so goes a long way. I like the tart, not-too-sweet flavor. The fruity vinegars complement the sweetness of the beets.

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